00 :: the last dance (ft. dua lipa)

pHear :: the last dance

00 the last dance (ft. dua lipa)
01 the elder
02 free woman (mixed by pHear)
03 noize in the addict
04 don't look at the moon (ft. nu mood)
05 sun
06 don't start now (ft. dua lipa)
07 single
08 double dutch (ft. charmaine)
09 free woman (pHear's ethereal mix)
10 marching on (pHear the noize remix)
11 younger (ft. moonz)
12 break my heart (mixed by pHear)
13 katrina

composed, performed, and produced by pHear

additional instrumentation :: Lady Gaga, Dua Lipa

recorded and mixed at spookyville gardens, summer/fall 2021

©2021 phearless music