Phil Nigash

Since starting my career as a photographer in the mid-80's, my sole focus has always been telling stories with my camera. As a news photographer, that meant capturing the story in a single image. Some assignments were harder than others, but I always managed to get the story in a single frame.

Whether I'm shooting photos of people or food, my approach is no different. Every dish, whether created by a professional chef or seasoned home cook, has a story behind it. There's a reason that dish is being brought to the table. Even the simplest things - a potato recently pulled from the soil, a box of takeout pizza or an aging onion has history behind it, and a sense of purpose.

My goal as a photographer is to tell a story, immersing viewers in the subject I'm shooting. Since 2007, through my blog and podcast My Life as a Foodie, I have dedicated my efforts to food and the people behind it - giving every element of every single dish the respect it deserves.

My work can currently be licensed through Getty Images and Twenty20. I'm also available for booking sessions. You can contact me here.