Phil Nigash

We all have stories to tell.


I'm currently in the process of writing two books, both self-published. The first is a novel tentatively titled "Room For Happiness" and should be completed by early 2018. A daily serial offering of the story will appear on my blog starting late Winter. The second is a cookbook based on my popular video series "Dude Food" and should be completed by Spring of 2018.


Since starting my career as a photographer and writer in the mid-80's, my sole focus has always been telling stories with my camera and my words. As a news photographer, that meant capturing the story in a single image. Some assignments were harder than others, but I always managed to get the story in a single frame.

My Life as a Foodie

Since 2007, through my blog and podcast My Life as a Foodie, I have dedicated the majority of my efforts to food and the people behind it. The show has been nominated for multiple awards and has a loyal fan base of self-proclaimed "Lifers" that keep me coming back to the microphone. The program is NSFW, so if you have delicate sensibilities proceed with caution.


Spokes explores what got us interested in bicycles at a young age: hopping on the seat, putting our feet on the pedals, and moving ourselves forward away from our concerns - if only for a few minutes. With all of the madness going on around us, there's nothing wrong with pedaling away from it from time to time. Sometimes we need to hit the reset button in our lives, and the bike is the perfect tool for the job.

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