Phil Nigash

We all have stories to tell.


I'm currently in the process of writing two books, both self-published. The first is a novel tentatively titled "Room For Happiness" and should be completed by early 2018. A daily serial offering of the story will appear on my blog starting late Winter. The second is a cookbook based on my popular video series "Dude Food" and should be completed by Spring of 2018.


Since starting my career as a photographer and writer in the mid-80's, my sole focus has always been telling stories with my camera and my words. As a news photographer, that meant capturing the story in a single image. Some assignments were harder than others, but I always managed to get the story in a single frame.

My Life as a Foodie

Since 2007, through my blog and podcast My Life as a Foodie, I have dedicated the majority of my efforts to food and the people behind it. The show has been nominated for multiple awards and has a loyal fan base of self-proclaimed "Lifers" that keep me coming back to the microphone. The program is NSFW, so if you have delicate sensibilities proceed with caution.

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