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My passion for food is almost neurotic. As a result, I shoot a lot of pictures of various dishes. Every dish has a story behind it, and I've always felt it was my responsibility to tell that story with my camera.

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Humans interest me more than anything else. I'm a people person, and every person has a story to tell. If there is one thing that every photograph must have in order to tell the story, that one thing is simple - humanity.

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My wife is a dog trainer, so I'm around a lot of dogs. There are some incredible dog photographers out there and I'm as inspired by their work as I am by the great portrait photographers who photograph people. Dogs are people too, and I'm finding my way to expressing that more each day.

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I've been at this for a while - over 35 years. I started my career as a photojournalist, inspired by the likes of Robert Capa, Eddie Adams, Larry Burrows, and others. I've seen a lot and I've always tried to tell as much as I can in a single frame.

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